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Our Story 

Riverside House is inspired from the urge to escape from the city.  As an American/Canadian having lived in North America and then France I grew up leaving town to fish with my grandfather in northern California as a child, going to camp on a hidden lake in Canada and then as a kid exploring rural parts of the French countryside with my parents.

This house is a destination and an adventure in itself where a river runs through it…literally. Days are spent in front of a fire, sitting out in the sun under the centennial trees of our garden or walking off to explore the peaceful  trails that take you along the river to our small village and through lovely fields to a 15th century water mill…

We fell for this house immediately and set off on 1 year of renovations and gardening between November 2017 and November 2018 with the help of our architect friend Gilles Tombeur. Riverside House has become the ideal place to refresh, reboot and create unforgettable memories. This house and its garden were made for you, your friends, your children and maybe even your team from work.

In 2012, almost 7 years ago in Paris, I started a food truck and catering business in Paris called Cantine California that has been featured in the NYTimes and by Anthony Bourdain. Idea was to bring a little piece of California to Paris and now to the the countryside. Riverside House is inspired by coastal California architecture and lifestyle. We hope you will enjoy...


Enjoy !

Jordan Feilders & Tatiana Dupond

And our 2 little girls

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